Real estate

Housing construction in Madagascar leaves a lot to be desired. Especially with the poorer population. They live in houses of gathered wood, bamboo and corrugated sheets. Whole families live in this type of housing.

Vetonagroup Enterprises is planning the next project to build better homes through learning-to-work projects for the construction of decent houses. For example, people will learn how to make solid stones for house building and how to install water and electricity.

For the maintenance of the houses, a DIY company will be set up for Vetonagroup Enterprises so the houses do not fall into disrepair after they have been built or get blown away by a cyclone that occurs twice a year.

By building homes we reach the next phase in the entire project. We also have to look at how sewers can be constructed and also the road construction will have to be examined more closely.

Because Madagascar is one large nature reserve, this must be taken into account. So we do not or hardly damage the environment and still make progress for the people.