Cattlebreeding Madagascar

At this moment Vetonagroup Enterprises owns 30 pigs, 3 cows, 20 geese and 10 Malagasy chickens. Earlier on 100 chickens had been killed for meat. This small setup mainly serves to supply local people with quality meat, free of anti-biotics, which does not occur elsewhere in Madagascar.

On the same field, where farming activities are being exercised, cattle breeding will take place. Cattle breeding will include a minimum of four barns for:

  • 100 dairy cows + farming project, milk will be used to make butter, cheese and pasteurized milk
  • 200 meat cows, for production and slaughter only
  • 200 pigs, for production and slaughter
  • 50.000 chickens, for production of chicks and eggs
  • A bee nursery for honey bees, for pollination and honey yield.