Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 10 euro packages, in three different periods of time/percentages.
1st package of 10 euro or more: 3 months fixed with a weekly percentage of 2.5% net in your account, and your initial investment returned afterwards.
2nd package of 10 euro or more: 6 months fixed with a weekly percentage of 4% net in your account, and your initial investment returned afterwards.
3rd package of 10 euro or more: 12 months fixed with a weekly percentage of 6% net in your account, your initial investment is not returned.

Press the button 'buy packages' on the dashboard.

  • To the bank in Madagascar.
  • ADVCash.
  • Solidtrustpay.
  • Payza.
  • Bitcoin.

Payments show in your account within 48 hours.

Any transaction from and to the bank in Madagascar charges high costs of € 38,00 per transfer.
Any payment has a 3% administration fee.

Vetonacoin (VTC)

Yes, anyone from the age of 18 anyone is welcome to participate.

18 years of age.

No, when breaching this rule, you will lose all your accounts as well as the right to have the principal money returned.

When not complying with the procedures, you run the risk of losing your account and the money involved.
However, you will always get ONE warning.

In the wallet on your dashboard.

Each Saturday between 12 am and 2 pm you will find your profit in your account.

A package runs from Monday 00.01 am till Friday 23.59 pm.

When your packages with a running time of either 3, or 6 months has finished you will receive the package’s value at the time of purchase, in your account. When your package has a running time of 12 months, your money will not be returned.

Yes, as long as packages are available you can buy them.
It could be possible for packages to rise in value.
You will be able to buy them at the current price.

At kick-off 120,000 packages were made available.
From March 1, 2019, 880,000 packages will be added.

We will check if we can raise the number of packages. A matter we'll deal with in the future.

Withdrawing money is possible from your account. It works with the same options as in deposits.

Withdrawals can be asked for every day and they will be paid within 5 working days. You can find them in your bank account or in your wallet. No payments in the weekend. Payments take place as from a minimum of 15 euros.

No, your principal money stays fixed in your account for the period of time you have chosen.

Packages run their fixed time-lapse and are not to be withdrawn mid-term.

Yes. You enjoy this right from the moment you have 10 packages in your account. There is only one level to earn commissions from. This is 5% as well as for compounding.
Referral commissions are divided as follows: 50% directly redeemable and 50% should be reinvested.

On the dashboard you’ll find a button 'Referrals'.


No you are not obliged to.

Yes, on the dashboard you'll find a button with 'Referrals'. You will only see your 1st line referrals.


From almost any country.
Excluded are:

  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Cuba

Please send an email to: [email protected]. They will assist you further.

Please send an email to: [email protected]. It will be solved ASAP.

If you need to change things please send an email to: [email protected].

Find contact on our website, our livechat or through: [email protected].

The money that we receive will be used for supporting our projects in Madagascar. This program can be seen as crowdfunding. We finance our projects with these funds and participants are able to earn from development aid this way. Profits arising from our companies and activities are paid back to the participants. A win-win.

Our group currently exists from four companies with a view on participating in new start-ups by means of our project micro financing. Activities are: farming, mining, building houses and renovation, micro finance, and water winning and generating electricity.

Our first goal is creating the possibility of purchasing land in Madagascar. This land will hold a development project in farming as well as building a school.

From our projects, micro financing and trading.

No, but our company and website are located in Madagascar which means that we are not under European law.
We do apply for all the licences in order for us to be compliant with European and US rules.

Yes, we work with qualified people.

These are kept safely offline and will never be shared with third parties. This is a guarantee.

These are saved offline with a safeguarded module according tot the law and AVG jurisdiction that came into effect on May 25th 2018 and applies for all 28 European countries.

We work with a strong protection and the money is not linked to the site.

No, but this can be added to the site at a future moment.

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